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Tweets from BarCampMoney NYC

April 17, 2008

ViewTo make my travel to BarCampMoney NYC easier, which took place on the 40th floor of 1301 Avenue of the Americas on Saturday, April 12, 2008, I packed only my iPhone and did not haul my PowerBook into Manhattan. The following is a collection of what I tweeted during the event:

07:29 AM April 12, 2008 Just made the train at Stamford CT on my way into l:NYC: for BarCampMoneyNYC. Will take lotsa pix.

08:42 AM Did I mention BCMNYC is being held on top of the world? Pix going to my fb page.

Gathering09:29 AM is going to help parents and friends put money into 529 plans for college.

10:14 AM In on session about FiLife a new community with info about personal finance. Joint venture between IAC and Dow jones. Launches soon.

David S. Rose10:29 AM David Rose, angel investor presenting on Angelsoft

10:32 AM David Rose explaining difference between VCs and Angel Investors

10:41 AM David Rose explains Angel Groups fit between individual Angels and large VCs.

10:49 AM AngelSoft rocks for both angels and entrepreneurs.

Ultralight startups11:45 AM Mike Solomon sharing his experience outsourcing programming overseas, esp. India.

11:47 AM discussion is Ultra Light biz startups ala Digg and Truemors.

Insights into the VC mind01:22 PM discussion is early stage investing in start ups. Moderated by Lili Balfour. Hank Williams and Jay Levy also featured.

01:25 PM Hank Williams has contributed a lot of good stuff to this camp. His blog is

02:33 PM Early stage biz investor Jay Levy says now is a great time to start/build a company.

Discussing the economics of Free02:55 PM Hank Williams is leading a session on the problem with Chris Anderson’s the Free Economy. What do you replace the revenue with?

03:05 PM it’ll never get old when two helicopters fly by at eye level.

03:08 PM Hank Williams just said “freetards” and the whole room laughed.

03:10 PM @guykawasaki Truemors was cited as an example of an Ultralight startup at a session during BarCampMoneyNYC today.

03:23 PM room getting rowdy and fiesty debating the economics of Free. Awesomeness. Hank Williams is a good agitator.

Huge props to Jonah Keegan for spearheading a very, very successful inaugural BarCampMoneyNYC. Turnout was in the neighborhood of 50 people, which should be considered fantastic.

New York’s Finest get their own CU… at last.

December 11, 2007

Just read a very cool article in the November 21 issue of the CU Times about a new CU being founded in New York City. Great brands and great credit unions begin with a target audience — and that’s the case here. This CU is called Finest Federal Credit Union, and it’s target member is law enforcement and their families. The article explains in great detail how this credit union knows and understands that unique membership, and how its products and services are going to be tailored uniquely to them. The interesting thing is that there are many Police and Fire CUs across the country, and several are relatively large. (77 CUs have the word “Police” in their name). But none exist in New York City. It’s about time New York’s finest has a credit union of their own. (I wonder if there used to be one, but it expanded in a quest for growth, and lost sight of its original membership?)

Finovate 2007

October 2, 2007

Finovate 2007, a presentation forum for innovative financial companies is happening right now in New York City. William Azaroff, creator of Change Everything, who I met in Washington two weeks ago, has live-blogged the morning sessions here and the afternoon sessions here.